Playing Rich in Contrast



Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Culture Sectiom

Konzerthaus: KammerOrchester, Hattori

 Playing Rich in Contrast

Once again, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra has led the way through the season with sparkling musical high points. In their second series concert, together with Spanish soprano Ainhoa Arteta and conductor Joji Hattori, they swept the enthusiastic audience into the world of Bizet, Massenet, Cilea and Puccini.

Anyone who expected shallow classical- romantic entertainment was shown better by the powerful, emphatically-accented and dynamic playing of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. Above all in Bizet’s “Roma” C Major Symphony and his Carmen Suite, but also in Puccini’s Intermezzo from the third act of Manon Lescaut: the refinement of sound and the technical perfection of the orchestra could be experienced.

There was a wonderful shimmering suggestion of ever-changing nature, in all its shadings. Star violinist and conductor Joji Hattori provided highlights: In Massenet’s Meditation from Thais, he led a virtuosic dialogue with the orchestra and shaped a unity.


The Spanish singer Ainhoa Arteta was also convincing: “Sola, perduta, abbandonata” (Manon Lescaut) and the Habanera from Carmen suited her perfectly.¬† That was beautiful singing: in gently swinging legato and with subtle dynamics she created a convincing form.

The audience also rewarded her with hearty acclaim.

Translation by John Moffatt