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Semyon Salomatnikov

Semyon Salomatnikov

Semyon Salomatnikov was born in Moscow in 2007.

Since he was often sick as a toddler, the doctors advised his parents to let him learn a wind instrument. "When I was seven, I picked up a trumpet for the first time in a music
school, tried to play it and immediately fell in love with the instrument.

Often, when I was sick, my dreams of light and music were fulfilled. Today I know it was the sound of the trumpet." This is how Semyon Salomatnikov himself describes his choice of instrument.

Since February 2020, the musician has been a junior student of Otto Sauter at the World & European Brass Association Online Academy.

Semyon Salomatnikov's awards include the Gold Medal of the Vienna International Music Competition 2019, prizes at the Rotary International Russian Children's Music Competition
and the Opus International Music Competition 2019 as well as the 1st prize of the International Ictus Trumpet Competition 2020 in the age group »13 and younger«.

In addition, this year a scholarship from the Werner & Marlene Schöder Foundation enables him to participate in the summer academies of the World & European Brass
Association held in France, Belgium and Germany.