Franz Liszt

1811 - 1886

Born in Raiding, Hungary, Franz Liszt stands as one of the most remarkable pianists and composers of the 19th century. Displaying extraordinary musical talent from a young age, he soon garnered acclaim as a "wunderkind" on the piano. His concert tours spanned across Europe, where he was revered for his virtuosic technique and innovative interpretations.

But Liszt was more than just a dazzling pianist; he was a pioneering composer. He pioneered the symphonic poem and expanded the boundaries of piano music. Furthermore, he was a generous mentor and patron to other composers, including Richard Wagner and Edvard Grieg.

In his later years, Liszt settled in Weimar, where he taught a new generation of musicians and continued to compose. His legacy is felt both through his music and his profound influence on subsequent generations of musicians and composers.