Vienna Opera Summer Belvedere

This year, the Vienna Opera Summer kicks off its premiere with a bang. The festival promises to enrich Vienna's cultural landscape this summer.

Discover "Don Giovanni" in an innovative performance featuring music in its original language and dialogues in German, making the opera more accessible and entertaining.

The magnificent setting of Schloss Belvedere will transform into a vast stage and is set to captivate visitors. The Vienna Opera Summer celebrates its first season with a strong commitment to supporting artists, creating a new cultural highlight in Vienna. By employing about 100 artists annually, including both emerging talents and established names in the opera world, the festival offers a unique platform for creative expression.

The historic and protected setting of Schloss Belvedere not only provides a visually stunning backdrop for the performances but also stands as a symbol of the fusion of historical heritage and contemporary art. This splendid location, once used as a summer residence, enhances the festival experience with a dimension of sublime beauty and historical depth.

Sat, 06.
July 2024
20:00 - 23:00
Don Giovanni
Conductor Joji Hattori
Solists Thomas Tatzl,Andreas Hörl,Nathalie Peña Comas,Johannes Bamberger,Martina Neubauer,Alexandre Beuchat,Ejnar Colak,Juliette Khalil,Lisa Marie Lebitschnig,Felix Pacher
Schloss Belvedere