Impromptu for Sting Orchestra, op. 5

Jean Sibelius
Duration: 8'

Jean Sibelius, the great Finnish master of the 20th century, is primarily known for his monumental symphonies and evocative tone poems. Yet, beyond these large-scale works lie gems such as the "Impromptu for String Orchestra", Op. 5, showcasing the lyrical side of this composer.

Composed in 1893, during a phase when Sibelius was deeply engaged with Finnish national romanticism, the "Impromptu" offers a series of six short, interconnected movements. These pieces, often played without interruption, weave a delicate tapestry of melody and rhythm that transports the listener to the Nordic landscape and culture.

The music is firmly rooted in the romantic tradition but also shows signs of the unique style Sibelius would develop in his later works. The "Impromptu" is a celebration of strings, with each movement possessing its own mood and color, from gentle and lyrical to dance-like and vivacious.

For many, this work may be a discovery, but it is undoubtedly a testament to Sibelius' genius and his ability to express profound emotions with the simplest of means. In this concert, the "Impromptu" offers a welcome opportunity to uncover a lesser-known side of this great composer and to be enchanted by his music.