Flying Fingers, Great Music

After the sound-filled pre-opening under Marino Formenti, the Carinthischer Sommer extended an invitation to its opening at the Villach Congress Center on Sunday. The opening speech was held by philosopher Robert Pfaller who humourously outed himself as a true Epicure. Afterwards, wunderkind Alma Deutscher delighted her audience.

Alma Deutscher, at twelve years of age, is not only a double virtuoso but also composes in the style of the great Masters. With the Vienna Chamber Orchestra under the judicious direction of Joji Hattori the opening concert of the Carinthischer Sommer turned into a triumph of creativity, even though as her fingers flew over the strings and keys, one always had the feeling of having heard it before. That is not meant to be disparaging, but rather shows her musical knowledge and aesthetic sensitivity. Beautiful music was to be heard, bound to the classical and romantic, after great role models like Mozart, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky. With smooth, powerful and sumptuous tone this child (still) provides musical wonders with her mischievous lightness of being.

Alma Deutscher (12) played her works together with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

Andrea Hein

Translation by John Allan Moffat